We are also going to designate one large tree and light the tree in blue lights to honor loved ones that have passed.  The "Memory Tree" is located in a prominent location at the park.  To make a donation to the "memory tree" the cost is $300.00 for one name and $500.00 for two names.  Signage indicating the honorees will be beside the tree.  We will put as many lights in the tree as we get donations.  

Send Checks to:  Ada Area Chamber of Commerce
Lighting Project
P.O. Box 248
Ada, OK  74821

Or Click on the Donate Button to make an online donation
No donation is too small. 

If you prefer to write a check, please make checks payable to:

Ada Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation
P.O. Box 248
2025 Arlington Street
Ada, OK  74821

To Donate is Simple
--Click on the Donate Button to make a donation online. 

To download a memory tree donation card, Click Here


To download a donation card,  Click Here



--Write a check to the Ada Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation, 209 West Main, Ada, OK


Trail of Lights - OUR GOAL

Our first year's goal was to raise $250,000 and we succeeded that goal.  We know how important this project is to our community and our goal is to continue to add displays each year to further enhance the Trail of Lights.  In 2019 and 2020 our focus is to put lights in the trees in the area as you first enter the park.  You can purchase a tree with lights for $1500 for three years.  There will be signage depicting who sponsored the tree.  However, you can still donate any amount and that money we will be used to put lights in as many trees as we raise money.  No donation is too small.